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Dutch-Bag stands for quality and only uses premium materials . Only the very best quality leather is good enough. Our leather bags are made from carefully selected leather and assembled by our skilled bag makers in the Netherlands.

Concrete Leather

Concrete leather is closest to the original skin. This means that this pure type of leather is the least corrected and dyed. This pearl among the skins is only provided with a light transparent finish, which ensures that the skin continues to breathe.

Kenya leather

Kenya leather is a (partly) sanded buffalo skin that is finished with aniline transparent dyes and a wax finish. Because the leather is partly sanded, it has an open structure. This makes it feel wonderfully warm and soft.

Kenya leather has many different color nuances within one skin. The appearance varies from robust to even fine nubuck. This depends entirely on the skin and cannot be estimated in advance by the retailer. So take color differences, structure differences and the properties of open leather into account when purchasing.

Vintage leather

Vintage leather is hot! The term is overused and misused, but in most cases the definition below applies.

Vintage leather is a (partly) sanded buffalo or cowhide that is finished with a wax finish. The leather therefore has an open structure. This makes the leather more sensitive to external influences. Vintage leather has a robust, old fashioned, used look. This is because the dyes used are transparent, which makes the leather come to life. The wax finish makes the leather a bit older.

Chill Line leather

Chill line leather is waxed leather that becomes more robust with use, the leather comes to life and your Dutch-Bag gets its own identity. Just like with sofas, it is timeless and will only get more beautiful over the years.