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Article: Dutch-Bag bags Leather and rain: is this possible?

Dutch-Bag bags Leather and rain: is this possible?

Can I wash my leather bag or take it through the rain?

Wash leather bag

The Dutch-Bags are made from a natural product, cow leather.

You cannot wash our bags because of this. However, through your use they only become more beautiful over time.

Our high-quality leather cannot withstand water very well. If a Dutch-Bag gets wet, this is at the expense of the leather. That's why you want to avoid this. Washing in a machine is therefore not recommended, just don't!

Walking in the rain with the Dutch-Bag is no problem at all, when you have arrived at your location, the bag will dry nicely again.

Try to protect your bag as much as possible against these unexpected Dutch rain showers. You do this first by spraying your bag before use, and then repeating this regularly, with our Dutch-Bag/Care products. But also by not using it on rainy days or by protecting it as best you can with an umbrella. Keep an eye on the weather forecast!

But how do you clean your leather Dutch-Bag if you are not allowed to wash it?

Learn to clean

You can clean a leather Dutch-Bag with a dry cloth. Or with a small brush if the bag is very dirty. And in extreme need you can slightly moisten a cloth and wipe the Dutch-Bag.

You can clean a leather bag with these general rules for leather. To ensure that your leather bag remains in the very best condition, we have made an overview of maintenance products and tips per leather type on under the maintenance button.

Let a wet leather bag dry

If your Dutch-Bag is accidentally washed by a rain shower, there is no immediate need for the man. The best way to dry your bag is to fill it with dry newspapers. And then place it in a ventilated room at room temperature. Newspapers absorb the moisture from your bag, making it dry faster. After drying, treat your bag with one of our care products at www.dutch-bag-com/care

Clean the inside of the bag

You can also clean the inside of the Dutch-Bags. That's how you do that:

  • Turn your bag over so that all the crumbs fall out
  • Remove the last crumbs from your bag with a clothes brush
  • If the inner lining is loose or partially loose, you can clean it with lukewarm soapy water
  • Let the inner liner dry outside of your bag at room temperature

Regularly cleaning your cool Dutch-Bag ensures that your purchased item stays beautiful for longer. If you have any questions or are unsure about anything. Feel free to send us a message: .

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