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About us

Dutch-Bag: Sober, No-Nonsense and above all: Dutch.

The name Dutch-Bag says it all. This product is 100% Dutch-made. Dutch-Bag proves that things can be done differently. Delivering quality for a fair price and benefiting from production that takes place on Dutch soil.

Many retailers and consumers now trust our working method and understand the story behind Dutch-Bag. Openness, honesty and integrity are our number one priority and you can find that in our working method and especially in our products.

We want your bag to come from a high-quality and reliable partner. Slightly different from all other bag brands, we are, simply from the Netherlands, down-to-earth and very accessible to everyone. You will notice this in our quality and service.

Thanks to a production location in the Netherlands that is as short as possible and managed in-house, we have control over all processes and we guarantee the quality and affordability of our products. With us you really get a fantastic feeling product. Dutch-Bag shows that experience, honesty and quality can remain affordable.

Your Dutch-Bag bag is unique, rebellious and typically Dutch!